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AppScan Standard

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) to effectively identify, understand and remediate web application vulnerabilities

Most powerful DAST scanning engine in the industry

Comprehensive security testing suite

Handles complex use cases and application flows

Optimized testing for maximum impact with minimum effort

AppScan on Cloud

Cloud-based application security testing suite to perform static, dynamic and interactive testing on web, mobile and open source software

DevSecOps ready

Machine learning-based filters

Point-and-shoot dynamic testing

Open Source Testing


DevSecOps Ready

Risk-based Management


AppScan Enterprise

Large-scale, multi-user, multi-app dynamic application security (DAST) to identify, understand and remediate vulnerabilities, and achieve regulatory compliance

AppScan Source

Static application security testing (SAST) solution that helps identify vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, understand their origin and potential impact and remediate the problem

Shift-left security

Pinpoint vulnerabilities

IDE plug-in

Centralized Management