People Power Your Business. Connections Powers Your People

Are your teams truly focused and productive?
Enable a more effective organization with a powerful enterprise collaboration platform that keeps your teams connected, engaged, and productive.

Product Recognition, Inc. recognizes HCL Connections as a top employee intranet solution based on customer reviews and feedback.​

Trusted Worldwide to Create a More Collaborative Organization

Connected, Committed, and Productive: Driving Success with Connections

Technology is very sophisticated, but often business productivity levels can’t keep up. With more people working remotely, it’s more important than ever to provide collaborative tools that meet these challenges.

Connections keeps your employees engaged by creating a personalized, well-designed, and mobile workspace, with role-based content and team structure to increase productivity.

Employee Engagement is Critical to Business Success


Employees are not engaged
in the workplace

$450 Billion

cost of disengaged employees to
companies each year 


greater profitability for businesses
with highly engaged employees

Drive Results with Connections as Your Central Hub for Employee Engagement and Networking

Keep teams all on the same page
Asynchronous document editing drives efficiency and reduces errors

Break down silos
Create communities to promote content sharing and idea exchange

Close communication gaps
Make collaboration an integral part of the work experience

Personalize relevant content
Organize your productivity tools, apps, content and tasks-all in one place

Integrate existing applications
Access email, calendar, and meeting apps via an efficient nav bar

Go mobile — work anywhere
Access Connections content on your iOS or Android mobile device

Connections Helps Organizations Transition to a Digital Workplace

Constance Hotels and Resorts
Constance Hotels and Resorts Empowers its Employees to Deliver Exceptional Hospitality Experiences

Transformed its business with value-added digital services and seamless collaboration

Swiss Red Cross
Created a collaborate environment for both employees and volunteers

Voessing Engineers
Coordinate hundreds of engineers and tracked dozens of projects