What’s New: Domino v11

HCL is committed to protecting your application investment in Domino. Get the latest information about v11 and how Domino continues to evolve to meet the needs of your business.

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Domino v11 Highlights

With the latest release, both IT and business users can build more apps that matter, faster — and make those apps mobile with zero effort. This new, more modern stack offers more value and lower TCO than ever. Domino v11 is the only application development platform you need.

HCL Domino Volt

Add a low-code tool to your arsenal. Domino Volt does not require specialized Domino or IT skills, enabling anyone in your organization to build enterprise apps to solve any business challenge.

HCL Nomad

Same applications, unparalleled security, and offline capabilities — now on mobile. HCL Nomad provides the ability to take existing apps and rapidly deliver them on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Chrome OS tablets with minimal effort. Your Domino apps are now available without a desktop client and without any modification.

HCL App Dev Pack

Domino has always been the go-to for the pro-code world. New enhancements to the HCL Domino App Dev Pack means your developers can build robust core systems, create complex workflows, and imagine new solutions using JavaScript and Node-RED.

Seamless Integration

Enterprises can now more fully leverage Domino with other tools and applications across their business. Seamlessly integrate with your existing IT investment including Google and Microsoft 365 with active directory syncing.

Domino for Linux Docker container

Deploy Domino servers as containers with just a few commands.

Group 1 Language Packs

Nine languages have been added to the Domino language pack and more to come.

Enterprise Integrator v11.0.1

Perform high-volume data transfers, synchronize disparate data sources, and provide real-time integration between Domino and backend data sources.


See it in Action

If you’re a customer on v10 or earlier or would like to become a Domino customer, schedule a demo to see the power of v11.

Download v11.0.1

Domino v11.0.1 is now available for download on FlexNet for customers who are current on their subscription.

Looking for Domino Cloud-Hosting Solutions?

We know cloud, hybrid, and on-premises are all important delivery options, and we understand that our customers want choice, security, innovation, and continuity for their business.

See how our HCL Cloud Hosting Partners can deliver cloud services directly to you, including the migration of data from one cloud service to theirs.